WaterField Designs Announces the New Indy Mini

Sure your iPad Mini may be in a case, but if you are one of the men, women or children who don’t also carry a purse, backpack or briefcase, it doesn’t matter whether your tabled is 7″ or 10″ –it still isn’t easy to carry because it is too large for your pocket. This is where the new Indy Mini by WaterField comes in handy: “a minimalist, leather shoulder bag to carry the iPad mini and a few necessities.”

Company owner Gary WaterField describes the basis for their new product:

“My new iPad mini has already become as indispensable as my wallet, phone and keys, but I can’t fit all four in my pockets. The Indy Mini fits all of these and easily hangs across my body. There’s no need to walk around with bulging pockets when I’ve got the iPad mini along.”

The design of the Indy Mini is simple, featuring distressed leather (available in your choice of black or brown with black matte or nickel metal hardware), a discreet hint of color, and carefully designed, functional organizational pockets. The addition of an ultrasuede®-lined diagonal front pocket means you can also toss your phone in there without the risk of scratches! Of course, the main feature being the adjustable strap which can easily be worn cross body or over the shoulder.

You can order your Indy Mini iPad shoulder bag directly from the Waterfield website for USD $169. For those who haven’t grabbed an iPad Mini but still love this accessory, a slightly larger version that can accommodate the iPad 2/3/4 models will be available in late November for USD $179.

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