Cable Providers Reportedly Conducting Network Impact Analysis for ‘Imminent’ Apple TV Launch

Apple TVNow that both the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini have been released, the Apple tech world is running out of things to speculate about. So, guess what? We’re revisiting the Apple iTV once again!

According to a new research note from Jeffries & Co. analyst James Kisner, we’re going to be seeing a new Apple television-based product in the near future. This could potentially be a new set-top box or the connected television that’s been the subject of so many rumors. The article firmly states that it is “an unnanounced product, not the Apple TV product that is currently available.”

Kisner, who was analyzing the future of ARRIS, a cable technology supplier, indicates that he has received information that at least one cable company in the United States is currently testing the device to determine its potential impact on broadband infrastructure.

He has issued a buy rating for the ARRIS Group, as he believes that Apple’s future television product will create demand for the company as cable entities are forced to increase network capacity.

There has been no concrete proof that Apple is planning to launch an Apple-branded television set, which first came to light after Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs was released. In the biography, Jobs claimed to want to revolutionize the television industry, a goal that Apple has yet to achieve.

As for a new Apple TV, the third generation Apple TV, which sports 1080p and 512 MB of RAM was just released in March of 2012, alongside the third generation iPad. While it seems unlikely that it would be due for an update already, Apple did surprise us with a fourth generation iPad.

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