Thieves Steal $1.5 Million Worth of iPad Minis from JFK

Back in September, a flight attendant was caught with an iPad that was stolen from an airline passenger. Just a few days later, another airport employee, a security agent, was caught with an illicit iPad, branding airports as a place where iPads simply aren’t safe.

While those were just petty crimes, thieves at JFK managed to pull off a major heist, stealing 3,600 iPad minis at an airport cargo station.

Those minis were meant for eager customers awaiting orders, so a quite a few of Apple’s patrons might have to wait a bit longer to get their tablets.

The iPad mini thieves struck on Monday night, using the airport’s own forklift to snag two pallets of minis, which were loaded into a waiting truck. The thieves were interrupted by an airport worker returning from dinner, which prevented them from stealing even more.

Investigators believe it may have been an inside job, though no suspects have been arrested yet. Currently, airport employees are undergoing questioning and polygraph tests in an attempt to ferret out the culprit.

[via New York Post]

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