Survey Indicates that many PC Upgraders Plan to Buy Mac, iPad Instead of Windows 8

Windows Users Weigh in on Their Next Purchase

Windows 8 has been hailed as the operating system that might finally give both Apple’s iOS and Apple’s OS X some serious competition, but according to a new survey from Avast, people just aren’t that into Windows 8.

Avast took a poll of more than 135,000 of its user base, the majority of which are users of Windows 7, and asked them some questions about Windows 8.

62% of those surveyed had heard of Microsoft’s newest operating system, while 31% had not. Half of those who had heard of Windows 8 believed that it would deliver better security, but despite that fact, a staggering 41% said they would definitely not upgrade.

Another 33% thought they might not upgrade, while 17% weren’t sure. Just two percent of the people surveyed had definitive plans to upgrade to Windows 8.

Approximately 16% of those polled were planning on purchasing a new computer, and while 68% said they might get a Windows 8 computer, 30% planned to buy an iPad and 12% planned on buying a Mac, which is a huge chunk of current Windows users.

It’s likely that Windows 8 is receiving a lukewarm welcome because it marks a significant design shift from previous Windows operating systems. With Windows 8, users not only need to master mouse and keyboard, but also a touch screen.

Though the Avast survey showed a lack of interest in Windows 8, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO, said that Windows 8 had sold more than four million copies to home users and tens of millions of licenses to businesses.

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