Cool DIY iPad mini Projects

We’ve been having a lot of fun this week, finding do-it-yourself iPad cases, stands, and other crafty things. Today, we have a list of fun projects that you could do yourself to give your iPad more bounce to the ounce. Check out these four projects for the DIY-er in you.

DIY iPad Stylus from Make Magazine– Those guys over at Make are always… well, making stuff. Collin Cunningham figured out a way to make a homemade stylus out of a disposable pen, some copper wire, and a square of conductive foam. All you have to do is gut the pen, attach the conductive foam to exposed copper wire (that is, remove all of the plastic coating with wire strippers), shove the foam into the tip of the pen barrel and wrap the threaded copper around the outside of the pen. Incidentally, if you are using a metal pen barrel, or say, a metal dowel, you don’t need to wrap the wire around the outside. If you are still waiting to discover the perfect stylus, this is a great in-the-mean-time DIY project.

DIY Tripod iPad Mount– Digital photography expert Derrick Story was looking for a cheap and reliable way to mount his iPad to use for time-lapse photography and stop motion movie making. If you don’t want to spend the big bucks on a custom iPad mini tripod mount (which may not even exist yet), you can make one yourself using a Flashpoint clamp and a tripod stand adapter. The adapter isn’t exactly cheap, but it is way cheaper than an iPad tripod. Using these two items, you can turn any tripod into an iPad mini mount. It clamps down onto the tablet, so it is actually good for any device that can be mounted on a tripod and is thin enough to fit inside the clamp.


PVC iPad Mount for Tent Camping– I always bring my iPad on camping trips. I may not take it out of my backpack more than a few times, but it is always with me. My favorite thing to do, late at night after the campfire has died out, is to watch a movie or television show that I’ve loaded into my iPad before leaving for the trip. Techie “Replayreb” has taken this idea to the extreme with his over-the-mattress iPad mount. Using little more than some PVC pipes and some plastic cement, this casual camper turned his pup tent into a fully connected outdoor gadget room. This particular project features a full-sized iPad. However, it would only take a bit of measuring to revise it for the iPad mini. My favorite part of this project is that he had the foresight to realize he needed to make a special bar that would push the backside of the tent outward so that he could prop his head up higher when watching shows from in bed.


DIY Wedding Photo Booth– I’ve been to a lot of weddings over the past few years, and nearly every one of them has featured a photo booth of some sort. It is not difficult at all to create your own, and with the iPad and the various photo booth apps out there, you can make a low-cost highly entertaining photography. There are a few different ways you can build your booth, but over at Prairie Wisdom, there is a easy-to-follow instruction guide for how to build a backdrop, the best spot to place the booth, and how to inspire the most fun from your guests by using silly accessories. Personally, I prefer the three-walled booth with a bench seat, but you can make it easier with a single backdrop and a standing pose angle, too. Prairie Wisdom recommends using Incredibooth, but I like Photobooth the best. I like that you can send it to a printer using AirPrint.

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