Clever DIY iPad Stands We Think You’ll Appreciate

You could spend a lot of money trying to find the perfect stand for your iPad. There are minimalist stands, clever clips that connect your Apple wireless keyboard to your tablet, and sturdy stands for active use. The list can literally go on and on. We’ve come across some pretty fun stands that you could make yourself using household (or office) items. These may just be temporary solutions, but they are fun, easy and DIY.

Pencil Stand by Geeky Gadgets – Using some basic high-school geometry and an eye for talent, Julian Horsey of Geeky Gadgets created an iPad stand out of nothing more than six pencils and four rubber bands. The pencils all have erasers for added friction to support the weight of the iPad and grip the surface that the tablet will sit on. The design of this stand is actually aesthetically pleasing, while offering a minimalist look with a strong architectural theme. If you color coordinate your pencils with your home or office, you can really make a statement with this interesting construct.


Cardboard iPad Stand by How About Orange – Sebastiano Ercoli and Alessandro Garlandini created a very useful low-profile stand out of corrugated cardboard. The next time you get something delivered from Amazon, check to see if the box is sturdy enough for this eco-friendly iPad stand. The creators used a laptop computer box for their video demonstration. They’ve even linked a PDF of the pattern you can use to cut out your new recycled stand. All  you need is a cardboard cutter like an Exacto knife or a box cutter, some double-sided tape and the box. Be sure to watch the instructional video. Not only will you learn how to properly assemble your DIY iPad stand, you’ll also enjoy the funny audio.

The €4 iPad Dock – This simple iPad stand is actually more of a product that the writers of LifeHacking created and are selling for very cheap. At today’s exchange rate, you’re looking at just over $6. You could order one from their website and wait months and months for it to arrive. Or you could just make it yourself from the easy-to-follow instructions on Instructables. For this hand-crafted stand, you’ll need a saw, drill and 19 mm drill bit, sand paper, and of course, a block of wood.  You may want to bone up on your woodworking skills or pass this project onto someone with more experience than you, but the instructions are simple and if you believe in yourself, you can do anything.

Coat Hanger iPad Stand by Glide Design – It always works out nicely when professional designers get bored and create stuff for their iPads. Travis McAshan created what he calls an IKEA style DIY ipad stand out of nothing more than a single wire hanger and a rubber band. He first designed the stand using Adobe Illustrator and then set to work designing a simple but useful wire stand that holds your iPad in portrait or landscape mode. Using a pair of needle nose pliers, bend the hanger according to the instructions. The rubber band is to keep the stand from slipping around on your tabletop.

Fast Food Drink Holder iPad Stand– This is nothing more than someone using a bit of clever ingenuity to figure out a way to stand an iPad upright. It isn’t exactly a DIY project, but we love it just the same. The next time you are out buying lunch for the office team, use the four-cup drink holder to stand your iPad up. You can’t get any easier than that.

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