After Failure, Jawbone Goes at it Again With the Up Wrist Lifestyle Monitor

Jawbone, makers of the popular JamBox wireless speaker, tried to get people in shape last year with the Up, a bracelet that monitors your daily activity, including eating, sleeping, and moving. Unfortunately, there were some significant issues with the first release of the wristband lifestyle monitor and the company issued refunds to everyone that had a faulty device. Today, Jawbone is trying it again.

According to Electronista, Jawbone has fixed the problem and has reworked the manufacturing and testing process to ensure that UP is sturdy enough to take a beating from constant wear. It is hypoallergenic, is made from medical-grade rubber, and includes a battery with up to 10 hours of constant use.

The lifestyle monitor senses movement of the wearer to track things like, how much sleep they are getting, how much sunlight they are absorbing, how many calories they burn while walking, and more. The UP also includes a free app that lets users take pictures of food to create visual journal and scan barcodes for nutritional information.

Users access their lifestyle monitor through the app. By plugging the Up wristband into an iPhone or iPad via the 1/8-inch headphone jack, the information that was stored in the bracelet will be displayed for the user to view. The Up app offers personalized tracking suggestions based on collected information and user goals.

The Up is available in three sizes and eight colors. It can be purchased from Jawbone’s website for $130.

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