Nokia Takes Advantage of Apple’s Maps Debacle with New iOS Mapping Service

Apple’s Maps application is the most criticized feature of iOS 6 and the lack of accurate directions and public transportation information has led other companies to scramble to release products that improve upon the experience.

Nokia is one of the companies hoping to capitalize on the Apple Maps disaster. Today the former cell phone giant announced “HERE,” its new cloud-based mapping and location service.

HERE is described as a location cloud that is designed to deliver maps and locations to multiple screens and operating systems.

“People want great maps, and with HERE we can bring together Nokia’s location offering to deliver people a better way to explore, discover and share their world,” said Nokia President and CEO Stephen Elop.

“Additionally, with HERE we can extend our 20 years of location expertise to new devices and operating systems that reach beyond Nokia. As a result, we believe that more people benefit from and contribute to our leading mapping and location service.”

Nokia will be launching an iOS app for HERE, which will feature voice-guided walk navigation and public transport directions, two key features missing from Apple’s Maps application. It will also include offline capabilities.

HERE will feature 3-D capabilities, thanks to Nokia’s purchase of 3-D mapping company earthmine, which was also announced today. The HERE iOS app is expected to be launched in the next few weeks, but no official date has been set yet.

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