Apple Stores Still the Most Profitable Retail Business

This weekend I visited the newly opened Palo Alto Apple Store, which boasts a gorgeous glass design and more square footage than the previous Apple Store a few blocks away.

The store was, as always, just teeming with people. It was packed from the doorway to the Genius Bar in the back with folks checking out iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks. It’s the same scene that I’ve witnessed in every Apple Store that I’ve ever been to.

It comes as no surprise then that Apple Stores generate more revenue per square foot than any other retail outlet in the United States, and has done so for two years in a row.

According to research firm RetailSails, Apple Stores earn $6,050 per square foot, which is more than double the next closest company, Tiffany & Co., a retailer that sells high end jewelry and accessories. Tiffany & Co. earns $3,017 per square foot.

Lululemon athletica came in third at $1,939 per square foot, while Coach and Michael Kors came in fourth and fifth, at $1,871 and $1,431, respectively.

Though Apple earns the most per square foot, it did not score highly on the list that tracked the highest sales per store. Instead, warehouse giant Costco took the number one spot, while Apple came in 9th.

Apple currently has 390 retail stores, and each one provides a uniquely Apple experience. The brick and mortar stores brought in a cool $4.2 billion during the September quarter, and the company has plans to open another 30 stores during 2013.

[via CNN]

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