Anthill Gets Major Update, Now Even More Bugs To Kill And Eat – iPad App Review

If you love a good castle defense game, you may want to check out Anthill. This dirt pile defense game will have you sending an army of ants to attack enemies, collect bug guts and find treasure.

Players control a hive of ants. Send Workers out into the field to collect nearby food. Food comes in the form of dead bugs and living leaflings. The ant world is a big place and there are plenty of other creatures that want in on the food supply. Send out Soldier ants to protect workers and food sources from invading ladybugs, beetles, and cockroaches.

To send a group of Worker ants out to collect food, create a pheromone trail from the hill to the meal. Once you’ve created a trail, tap on the worker ant icon to send them on their mission. Be sure you have enough workers to carry the food. To buy more, tap the worker ant icon at the bottom of the screen. Players can add more ants to the field with food points. To get food points, collect dead bugs and leaflings.


To protect the Workers, players draw a protective circle around the anthill and send out Soldier ants. These guys will protect home base and keep invaders from attacking the workers as they collect food.

There are also Bomber ants that attack from above and Spitter ants that have ranged attack abilities. Players can upgrade each type of ant with stars they collect. Upgrades make each type of ant stronger. For example, you can upgrade the Soldier ant’s toughness for four stars and all Soldier ants will increase their health by 50 percent.


Anthill received a major update recently that includes the ability to purchase eight new levels. “Temple of Bloom” includes a whole new campaign, new enemy bugs and more. Unfortunately, I was unable to access Temple of Bloom. When I tried to buy it, I received a popup message that read, “Error: Product is not available.” I’m not sure what causes this error, but it looks like the biggest part of their update is not working at the moment.

The other big update includes Infinity Mode, which is like a survival or endless mode. Players try to stay alive through wave after wave of enemy attacks with no ending until the ants are all dead. This new level works great, so if you already have Anthill, you can at least enjoy this part of the update today.


What I liked: The gameplay is fun. The levels are challenging. You can replay the same level to try to earn more stars, which you can use to upgrade your ants.

What I didn’t like: The game becomes fairly difficult at the sixth level. The best way to beat a hard level is to upgrade ants, which cost stars. If you don’t have enough to upgrade, you can buy more. I think you know where this is going.

To buy or not to buy: For $1.99, this is a great game. However, I am not a fan of in-app purchases included in premium priced games, so I’d say buy with the understanding that may be put into a position of possibly paying even more for this game than you originally thought.

  • Name: Anthill
  • Version Reviewed: 4.0
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Image & Form International
  • Price: $1.99
  • Score:

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