Two New iPad Mini Ads Launched over the Weekend

Apple has begun its campaign to make the iPad mini known to the holiday shopping world. Two new commercials were released over the weekend that highlighted some of the best features of the iPad mini, reading and photography.

Apple’s first advertisement for the iPad mini was the “Piano” commercial that was shown at the California Theater for Apple’s special event last month. The second and third ads focus specifically on two features that the smaller sized tablet are good for.

The first 30-second commercial, “Books” shows a side-by-side comparison of the iPad and the mini using iBooks. After showing you that both tablets are capable of the same exact features running at the same speed, the iPad mini is then picked up and held in one hand while the reader uses the other hand to easily swipe from page to page, add bookmarks and return to the bookshelf.

The second 30-second commercial, “Photos,” shows another side-by-side comparison of the larger and smaller iPad running iPhotos. Again, the tablets are running the exact same application at the same speed. In this commercial, the song “Two of a Kind” plays in the background, reminding viewers that the iPad and iPad mini are ultimately the same, but one is smaller than the other.

As Tim Cook reminded us multiple times at the special event in San Jose, the iPad mini is “Every inch an iPad.”

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