Passbook Enabled Gift Cards Now Available in Apple Store App

If you’re looking for a great, hassle free gift this holiday season, Apple’s got you covered. This weekend, the Cupertino-based company added Passbook-capable gift cards to its Apple Store app.

The app now sports a new banner announcing the change, which was first unveiled earlier this week. Tapping the banner will allow customers to purchase digital cards for brick and mortar Apple Stores.

Certificates purchased within the Apple Store app can be delivered to a physical address or sent via email to the recipient, and while iTunes gift cards are available as well, they can only be sent by mail.

Users can choose a pink, silver, or blue card, with a value from $25 to $2000. The certificates can be added to the Passbook app as a QR code, which can then be spent in stores via Passbook.

Screencap courtesy of AppleInsider

When the gift card is in Passbook, if it’s tagged with an optional zip code, recipients will get a pop up reminding them that the card is available whenever they are near an brick and mortar Apple Store.

If you want to check out Apple’s new digital gift cards, you can do so with the Apple Store app, which you can download for free.

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