Walmart Employees Fired After Throwing and Dropping iPads

Four not so intelligent Walmart employees from Pikeville, Kentucky will be searching for new jobs tomorrow after they filmed themselves inside a Walmart stockroom, tossing boxed up Apple iPads at each other.

“This is why you don’t buy an iPad from Walmart,” says one of the participants. “See, we like to throw s***.”

The two picked up several iPads, throwing them back and forth in an expensive game of catch. When one of the boxes clattered to the ground, the cameraman remarked, “I hope nobody buys that.”

“I think the next one’s going to hit the ground,” the cameraman added, as the two tossing the devices threw one to the floor.

The video, which was clearly not meant for the Internet, was sent by an anonymous employee of the Walmart to a Reddit user, and according to follow up comments, the employees have since been fired and prosecuted.

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  • Jurassic

    That thar is the way things er’ dun in Kentucky… Yeehaw!!! 😉

    • czarembo

      Yippie! We’ll try to file for unemployment next, yesiree!