Apple Finds Another Way To Hide Samsung Apology

It is practically common knowledge by now that Apple was forced bay a UK court ruling to post a notice to their website, stating that Samsung did not copy the iPad for its design of the Galaxy Tab. When Apple finally posted the notice, it was less of an apology and more of a jab at Samsung. The UK judges didn’t like Apple’s tone of voice and made them try again with more sincerity. Apple finally posted the appropriate notice on their website, with a blurb and a link from the home page, just like they were told to. However, the iPad maker is not taking this ruling well and has, again, apologized in their own, snarky way.

Yesterday, members of Hacker News, as well as Reddit fans, discovered that Apple’s front page code has been tweaked, ever so slightly, so that the blurb and link won’t appear unless you physically scroll down to the bottom of the page.

The code is a Javascript addition that makes it so that, no matter what resolution your display is set to, the large splash image on the front page pushes the apology link off the screen.

You wouldn’t even notice it if it wasn’t pointed out to you. When you first visit the UK page it looks like the front page is showing you everything you need to see, even if your browser is set to full screen.

But it isn’t. Scroll down and you’ll see the official statement that Apple was forced to add after their earlier antics irritated the judges. It is unlikely that Samsung or the UK courts will follow up on this little stunt. The statement is clearly visible on Apple’s front page. The only thing that is different is that you can’t see it until you scroll downward.

[Via: TUAW]

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