iPad Mini Retina Display Already in the Pipeline?

Remember when Apple launched the fourth generation iPad only seven months after its predecessor, making the third-generation iPad obsolete in the blink of an eye? Well, it seems like Apple is planning the same bit of trickery in the near future for the iPad mini. According to Slash Gear, display supplier AU Optronics will begin mass production of Retina display screens for the smaller tablet in the second half of 2013.

The main complaint with the iPad mini is lack of Retina display. Users rave about the size, weight, and overall convenience of using the smaller tablet, but wish that the screen quality were better.

Why Apple didn’t include a Retina screen in the first generation is a mystery all its own. Shrinking the high-quality display may have just been too difficult at the time, but AU Optronics appears to have made a technological breakthrough by adopting Sharp’s IGZO technology. The company is supposedly working on a 2048 x 1536 resolution screen with 324 pixels per inch.

The display maker will also use Gate IC on array, which will enable a thinner frame around the outside of the display. AU Optronics has also claimed that it is taking care of shortages of display screens with the current generation iPad mini.

At least this Retina display rumor implies that the next generation of iPad mini will not hit store shelves for a full year. If you already bought your 7.9-inch tablet, don’t worry. Apple probably won’t make it obsolete until the normal, yearly scheduled, upgrade.

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  • http://www.motpol.nu/ Nils Motpol.nu

    No, a highly functional, fully supported computer like the ipad 3 does NOT become ‘obsolete’ just because something more powerful is released. That is not how it works.

    My 2006 imac is BEGINNING to become obsolete now because new versions of OSX won’t run on it, although many applications of course still work.

    Do you also believe that all but the last released android phones are ‘obsolete’?