Conquer iOS Cord Clutter with Whooz? – a Kickstarter Project

How many iOS devices do you have at home? Does your son/wife/roommate/dog always take your charger when you need it most? Do your kids misplace their white Apple earbuds more often than you’d like? Enter Whooz? These removable, vinyl identification labels for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad cords are adorable, colorful, and capable of settling the question of whose charging cord is whose (or Whooz?) once and for all.

Sativa Turner, creator of Whooz? turned to Kickstarter to raise the funds she needs to make her project a reality. At present Whooz? is over fifty percent funded, and it’s likely to reach its modest $6000 goal before the funding period is over at the end of the month.

Not only is Whooz? such a simple, can’t-believe-we-didn’t-think-of-it-first kind of idea, but the stickers are really cute. The characters have funny faces (one looks like a bit like Mr. T), clever names (Rico, Cat Lady), as well a design that turns an iPad USB adaptor into a tongue that sticks out of the charger’s face! Beat that. No? You can’t beat that? I didn’t think so.

If cartoons aren’t your thing, consider the solids pack. It’s practical, yet still fetching, including a choice of black, yellow, red, and blue.


The sticker packs even include stickers to decorate headphones and charger ends. They are compatible with the new lightning adaptor and Apple’s restyled EarPods, as well as the old school 30-pin connector and standard headphones.

Whooz? are designed to stick, but shouldn’t leave residue on your cords.

As the holiday gift giving season approaches many readers will likely to be either giving or receiving an iOS device. Whooz? takes some of the craziness out of adding another cord and charger to the mix.

Whooz? are also affordable. Backers who pledge $10 will receive one package of Whooz? in a choice of character or solid design for either the iPhone/iPod touch or iPad. Need more Whooz? Pick a different pledge level, or consider the ultimate in customization: an entire pack of Whooz! featuring your own image.

Interested backers need to pledge before the funding period ends on November 25, 2012.

About Emily: Emily is a freelance writer who loves discovering new apps whenever she can pry the iPad away from her children or husband. You can contact her via Twitter: @whatwentwrite

  • lorygil

    These are too cute! I’m totally going to pledge this project.

    • whatwentwrite

      I agree. They’re one of my recent favorite Kickstarter projects.