Some iPad Mini Boxes Requiring iTunes 11 for Sync?

For those lucky people waiting on their iPad Mini pre-order to arrive, the good news is that they are shipping and in a few cases have already arrived. A few of those people ordered the French version of the tablet and it’s been noticed that the box indicates that iTunes 11 is a requirement to sync the device. This news is a little bit of a concern given that issues forced Apple to delay the release of iTunes 11 earlier this week.

Not to worry though, the received iPad Minis seem to sync just fine with the current version of iTunes.

What the packaging does suggest is that Apple having to delay their release of the updated iTunes software really was unexpected and that they had very much intended to meet their initial target date at the end of October. It also suggests that Apple may be migrating back toward a model they have always followed in the past: not releasing products or software until they are truly ready for market; a lesson learned the hard way with the premature release of their failed Maps app.

As long as the iPad Mini is working well with the existing iTunes, there doesn’t seem to be a downside here — other than our appetites have been whet for a highly updated version of this software.

With iTunes 11, there promises to be a series of new library views, instant recommendations while you are listening (using the new mini player!) and a more consistent look for the store across all of your iOS and MacOS devices!

The more exciting news here seems to be that people are receiving their much-anticipated and very much talked about smaller-form-factor iPads and will be able to start using them straight away! Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to all of us… many of which are still (not so) patiently waiting!

[via MacNN]

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