Path for iPad Makes a Big Splash

You wanted it. You got it! Path is finally coming to the iPad with a new version of the popular social networking app, brought to us by Facebook alum Dave Morin, and it promises to be a lot more than just “a scaled up version” of the existing app.

While the new app does take advantage of the additional real estate offered by the larger-screened devices, the newly updated Path offers a beautiful landscape-oriented mosaic view of daily activity with much more detailed information and individual updates. Using this updated view, Path pledges to be “the best way to catch up with your family and friends, revisit days and the moments that made them special.” Other improvements include improved navigation (where a single tap can take you to the information you are interested in).

Morin claims that this new release comes to us because “it’s really clear that the iPad is the future of the personal computer,” a comment he makes with the support of Tim Cook’s statement last week that asserted Apple “sold more iPads during an entire quarter than anyone in the PC industry sold PCs.” Morin also noted that this update is just the beginning and that there is “a bunch of cool stuff” yet to come, making this a good time to get on board with the app!

The strength of Path is in the simplicity, privacy and intimacy: letting you see things from the people in your life that matter the most instead of every acquaintance you have ever come into contact with. Path suggests that using their app you can “show your grandmother the inside of your apartment, and she can show you the cinnamon coffee cake she just pulled out of the oven.”

Sounds delicious.

Path will be available for download from the App Store for free later today.

[via The Verge]

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