iPad mini Orders Already Shipping to Early Online Buyers

We’ve been keeping track of how well the fourth-generation iPad and iPad mini are doing on preorders. It seems that now, all six versions of the newest iPad with Wi-Fi are officially on back order, sporting an estimated shipping date of one week. According to MacRumors, many are able to find out that their iPads are already out for delivery. Some are even claiming the iPad mini Smart Cover has already arrived.

The white iPad mini sold out within minutes of the pre-order launch and the black model pre-orders sold out five days later. The smaller sized tablets currently have an estimated shipping date of two weeks.

Some Apple fans have figured out a way to track their device through FedEx using their phone number through UPS by looking up their iPad’s serial number.

If you were unable to pre-order your fourth-generation iPad or iPad mini before they sold out, you can also wait in line with thousands of other Apple fans to be the first to get your hands on a device. Apple retail stores open at 8:00 for sales of the new tablets. But, don’t fool yourself into thinking you can arrive an hour before the doors open and still be able to get an iPad. Plan to start your adventure at around 5:00 a.m., or even earlier if you have it in you.

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