Google Takes Aim at Siri with New iOS Search App

Yesterday Google announced its impressive new line of Nexus tablets, and today the Mountain View-based company has dealt another blow to Apple with newly improved voice search capabilities in its Google Search app.

According to Google’s blog, the new iOS search app provides Google’s most advanced voice search yet. Not only can you search with voice command, you can also ask the app questions, which it will answer with Google search results.

Sound familiar? It’s quite a bit like Apple’s own Siri, only in practice, Google’s app seems to be both more responsive and more accurate. Perfect voice recognition technology works effortlessly, allowing the app to answer your questions, and it can answer a lot more than Siri can.

For example, if you ask “Is United Airlines flight 318 on time?” The words that you speak will appear on the screen as you say them, and you will get an immediate answer. With short questions like the one above, you’ll get a voice response, telling you your flight status. I used this functionality just today and it was much quicker than accessing the airline’s website myself. It’s impressive technology.

Here are some example questions and answers, straight from the Google blog:

  • “What does Yankee Stadium look like?” Google will provide hundreds of pictures instantly.
  • “Play me a trailer of the upcoming James Bond movie.” The trailer will play immediately within the search.
  • “When does daylight savings tie end?” The answer will appear above the search results, allowing you to set your clock.
  • “Who’s in the cast of The Office?” Google displays a complete cast list.

Check out the video below to see it in action.

Have you downloaded Google Search yet? If not, you can get it in the App Store for free. If you’ve tried it, what do you think? How does it compare to Apple’s Siri?

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