Slaughter Zombies and Lay Waste to Pumpkins in Earn to Die HD – iPad Game Review

There’s only a few days to go until All Hallows Eve, and there’s no better way to get into the Halloween spirit than mowing down zombies and pumpkins in a beat up old car.

Earn to Die HD takes place during a zombie apocalypse. In the game, you’re stranded, with just a car and a bit of cash in your pocket. Your goal is to drive your way through hordes of zombies in order to get out before they get your braaaaaaains!

In the main story mode you’ll start out in New Hope with a junky old car. You drive with simple touch controls. The acceleration is on the right and you can manage the tilt of your car on the right. When going up and down hills, you will need to make adjustments to avoid crashing.

Your aim is to get as far as possible, and after every go you’ll earn cash. The cash that you get can be used to upgrade your car, which makes it go faster and further.

Boosts are included to give you a burst of speed, and with the shotgun, you can shoot zombies before they get in your way.


There’s not much more to this game other than upgrading, going further, and slaughtering more zombies, but those simple tasks are surprisingly fun.

The game is enthralling because of the continual upgrades, which allow you to make progress each time that you play. That keeps it from getting boring, because there’s always something new to add.

In honor of Halloween, Earn to Die has added a special Halloween mode, where the goal is to smash pumpkins instead of zombies. Pumpkin smashing can only be unlocked when you’ve finished the regular game, and it’s definitely a treat to play.

Earn to Die has actually been on my iPad since it debuted, but I’ve never had quite as much fun as I did in pumpkin mode. You can choose any car, and they’re fully upgraded, so zooming around smashing up squash is a blast.

All in all, this game has a lot of fun content. There are plenty of levels, and a ton of car parts and accessories to unlock. There’s also Game Center support with both leaderboards and achievements to earn.

What I liked: Earn to Die has the right mixture of fun, casual gameplay and unlockables. It’s entirely entertaining, and it’s got great graphics too.

What I didn’t like: Gameplay can get a bit repetitive, but that’s a minor complaint.

To buy or not to buy: If you’re looking for a great Halloween themed game to play, you won’t go wrong with Earn to Die.

  • App Name: Earn to Die HD
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0.4
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Toffee Games
  • Price: $2.99
  • Score:


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