Phillips to Sell iPad and iPhone Controlled LED Lights via Apple Retail Stores

Phillips has just come out with a new LED lighting system that is designed to be controlled with iOS devices. The smart bulbs, called the Phillips hue, are able to emulate nearly any color in existence, providing an entirely customizable lighting experience.

The Phillips hue will come in a starter pack of three bulbs that are able to screw into your existing lamps. There’s a bridge that plugs into your Wi-Fi router, and with the hue app on your iDevice, you can change the bulbs into any color you desire.

It takes only minutes to set up, and in addition to allowing you to control the bulbs remotely, the system also comes equipped with custom settings and programmable timers to change the lighting to fit your daily needs.

You can tune the hue to create any color and then save your favorite lighting scenes for each room or time of the day. You can also use any photo on your phone as a color palette, which is an incredibly neat function, and finally, you can also choose from settings like warm candlelight, bathing the room in a gorgeous glow.

Phillips has even opened the hue app up to the developer community, allowing developers to explore the app and release even more hue-specific apps in the future.

The Phillips hue bulbs will be sold exclusively through the Apple Store beginning on October 30. A starter pack of three bulbs, a bridge, and the app will retail for $199. Additional bulbs can be purchased for $59 each.

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  • whatwentwrite

    Wow. Pricey, but cool!

    • Juli Clover

      I know. I so want one.