Must Have Zagg Accessories for your New iPad Mini

After Apple announced its new iPad mini last Tuesday, iPad accessory makers started churning out cases and other iPad mini essentials. We’ve covered the cases, and now we’re bringing you some Zagg accessories, including a keyboard and a protective shield, that you’ll want to have for the minis that will begin shipping out on November 2.

The Zaggkeys Mini 7 and the Zaggkeys Mini 9 feature a carefully constructed folio designed to protect the mini. The Zaggkeys Mini 7 has a custom design that’s made to fit the iPad mini while maintaining a small, compact size.

The Mini 9 is a larger keyboard that is carefully spaced to provide the same spacing as Zagg’s traditional tablet keyboard. Both of the keyboards are designed to hold the tablet at the ideal viewing angle and they both have special function keys that activate iPad mini features. Each is available for $89.99 at

Zaggkeys Mini 9

Like all of the Zagg invisibleSHIELDS, the protector for the iPad mini is made from military grade materials to protect the mini from scratches and dings. There are the original full body shields, a new high definition skin that features advanced clarity, and a smudge-proof choice. The original full body protection is available for $24.99 and the invisibleSHIELD High Definition and the invisibleSHIELD Smudge-Proof will run you $29.99. All three are available on the website.

Zagg invisibleSHIELD for the iPad mini

You’ll also want to check out iLuv’s line of accessories if you’re in need of an extra lightning cable or a car charger. We recently did a post on the entire lineup, so make sure to take a look.

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  • iPadCase Review

    Zagg’s speed of coming out with a keyboard case for iPad Mini is pretty impressive I have to say..

  • Tablet Cases

    Keyboard design looks familiar. Not the speed of delivery per say, rather more curious timing of its release ahead of the MS Surface.