Match Three to Destroy Enemies in Dungeon Story — iPad Game Review

Dungeon Story is a match three puzzle game that looks a lot like another game very popular game that was originally released in 2011, Dungeon Raid. Dungeon Story also shares similarities with games like Puzzle Quest, and though it is ultimately a bit unoriginal, if you like this type of gameplay, it’s a solid title.

Like Dungeon Raid, Dungeon Story is a match three game that has role-playing elements. You’ll level up your character, earning gear and skill upgrades by winning battles where you match up swords, coins, elements, hearts, and more.

Making a sword match will do damage to your enemy, while matching hearts will restore your own health. Matching up coins will earn you cash, which is used for gear, and matching elements will allow you to deal magical damage.

This is a turn based game, and after you make a match, the NPC enemy will also take a turn, matching up icons to do damage to you, too. The goal is to destroy the enemy before you’re destroyed yourself, resulting in experience points.

Every time you fight a monster and win you’ll be pitted against another, stronger monster, and this is how you progress through the game. Unlike in Dungeon Raid, you will continually level up. Levels carry over to each round, and your cash buys permanent stat upgrades rather than temporary ones.

In this way, the game is quite similar to Puzzle Quest, which has the same general leveling concept. Dungeon Raid was a lot quicker paced than Dungeon Story, and it also didn’t have the same multiplayer capabilities.

In Dungeon Story, you can play against others via Bluetooth or using Game Center, but this is really just a bonus. You can play the entire game by yourself without needing to connect with others.

Though this game shares a lot of similarities with Dungeon Raid, it does have a few elements that give it a unique feel, such as a simplified magic system. It is a good game, but I do wish that the developer had gone with a more original look because overall, it seems to be very derivative.

Still, if you enjoy these types of match three RPGs, you will enjoy Dungeon Story. It’s essentially endless with levels that go up to 999 and six different levels of difficulty. There are also 70 different monsters and bosses, plus quests to complete for exciting rewards.

What I liked: There’s a lot of content in Dungeon Story, and I can never pass up a match three RPG. It’s a favorite genre of mine, and Dungeon Story ultimately provides a decent gameplay experience.

What I didn’t like: Dungeon Story doesn’t have enough of an original feel to distinguish it from similar games.

To buy or not to buy: This game is only $0.99 and worth checking out if you’re a fan of match three RPGs.

  • App Name: Dungeon Story
  • Version Reviewed: 1.2.0
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Pantazis Deligiannis
  • Price: $0.99
  • Score:


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