The 16 GB Black iPad Mini Sells Out – Now Ships in Two Weeks

Apple’s white iPad mini sold out within mere minutes when it went on sale last Thursday night, and now the entry level black iPad mini is also out of stock on Apple Store website.

While the 32GB and 64GB iPad minis are still shipping on time and delivering on November 2, if you want to order a black iPad mini or any of the white minis, you will have to wait at least two weeks.

As for the cellular models, they’re still shipping in mid-November, which is when you can expect to see the other minis if you didn’t manage to score an initial preorder.

Of course, you can always wait in line on November 2 to get your hands on one of the minis, though I suggest getting there extra early if you want a white model, which seem to be in short supply.

Did you manage to preorder a mini, or will you wait in line to get your hands on one of Apple’s small tablets? Let us know in the comments.

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