Tim Cook says PC Buyers are “Better off Buying an iPad”

During a conference call held following the disclosure of Apple’s fiscal Q4 financial details, Tim Cook shared his feelings on Microsoft’s new Surface tablet set to debut today (the same day his company started pre-orders of their new iPad Mini).

Not surprisingly, Cook described the Surface as being a “compromised, confusing product” that basically equates to the ‘jack of all trades, master of none’. With enough basis stemming from this reason alone, Cook doesn’t feel that the Surface will be any significant competition for Apple or the iPad.

The conference call also discussed whether Cook felt that Apple was cannibalizing itself by now offering an additional iPad option. Cook’s response was simple and indicated that he didn’t feel Apple really worried about those things, indicating that the company would really rather compete with themselves as opposed to other companies.

Cook’s other comment of note during the call was that: “80 to 90 million PCs being sold each quarter … those people would be much better off buying an iPad … or a Mac.”

Overwhelmingly the comments made by Cook demonstrated a CEO that is confident in the products his company has to offer and proud of the work being done. When addressing the declining numbers of iPad tablets being sold in general he indicated that these numbers were not unexpected and typical of the quarter in question. What shouldn’t be ignored is the detail that even with a few less iPads sold, Apple still leads the pack rather significantly with the total market saturation.

The truth will soon be known regarding the impact the iPad Mini as on Apple and the tablet market in general as pre-orders began today with units starting to ship next week. Did you get your pre-order in?

[via electronista]

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Martin-Gregory/1001659185 Martin Gregory

    “80 to 90 million PCs being sold each quarter … those people would be much better off buying an iPad … or a Mac.”

    I have an ipad 2, but I will take my Alienware laptop over it any day of the week. I wish Cook would stop presuming to know what people’s needs are and stop telling consumers what they should buy. If his products are that good, they will sell themselves.