Report Shows Apple’s iOS Devices Smash Android in Advertising Value

Despite Apple’s rampant iPhone and iPad sales, there are still more Android-based mobile devices out in the market. While you would think that reaching more people would drive up the advertising value, that’s not quite the case.

Apple’s iPhone remains the number one smartphone device when it comes to monetization, according to Opera’s “State of Mobile Advertising” report for the third quarter of 2012.

Opera is known for its mobile browsers, which makes its findings significant. Those browsers have more than 200 million users per month, and Opera’s mobile ads deliver upwards of 49 billion ad impressions a month.

Apple’s iPhone and iPad have an overall eCPM (the effective cost per thousand impressions) of $1.64, which beats out the global average of $1.31. It annihilates Android’s average, which comes in at a mere $0.88, and RIM didn’t fare much better at $1.06. Symbian hit an all time low of $0.37.

Android may account for 25 percent of traffic on the ad network, but it is responsible for just 16.8 percent of revenue. Apple, on the other hand, makes up 46 percent of Opera’s traffic, and brings in 58 percent of total revenue.

When you split that up, it’s the iPhone that’s way ahead, with 34 percent of revenue, while the iPad brings in 17 percent and the iPod touch brings in 7 percent. The iPad, however, is the most effective iOS device, with an eCPM of $4.42. That means advertisers get a lot of bang for their buck when advertising on Apple’s iPad.

If you take a look at revenue types, mobile apps were the most profitable for Opera, and they generated 73 percent of revenues. Breaking down app type, sports, music, and news apps brought in the most money, followed by social and entertainment apps. Business, finance, and investing bring in the most revenue per impression, however.

On the Opera platform, it’s North America that’s responsible for the majority of ad requests (70 percent). Asia Pacific comes in second at 14 percent, and the European Union comes in third at 10 percent.

Opera predicts that by the end of 2012, mobile publishers will have earned more than $400 million dollars in ad revenue.

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