Top Photo Sharing Apps for the iPad

Being away from family and friends can be difficult, especially when it comes to staying in touch. Luckily, the iPad makes it easy to keep in contact with your loved ones, and there’s no better way to share your life with others than through photographs.

When it comes to sharing your pictures, there are quite a few options out there, from social networks to dedicated apps. If you’re looking for the right photo sharing solution for you, make sure to check out this list of top photo sharing apps.

Facebook (Free) – I know that Facebook is a social networking site, but it also has robust photo sharing tools as part of the platform. Because so many people use Facebook, it’s really the best way to stay in touch and to share your photos with all of your friends and family. You can use the Facebook app to upload batches of photos, and add captions, tags, and more. The Facebook app is also a great way to view other people’s photos as well.


FlickrStackr for Flickr($1.99) – If Flickr is the photo sharing platform that you regularly use, this app is the best to download for uploading and sharing pictures from your iPad. If you don’t use Flickr but need a photo sharing solution, Flickr is a great choice. It’s free to use and it works well with other social networks. With the FlickrStackr app you can browse photos and upload photos directly from your iPad. After uploading you can add titles, captions, tags, sets, groups, geo location, and more.


PhotoStackr for 500px ($0.99) – 500px is a photo sharing site that’s similar to Flickr, but it’s oriented towards professional photographers. The 500px app itself doesn’t allow you to upload photos, but this well designed third party app does. With PhotoStackr you can upload your photos to 500px directly from your iPad, and then you can share them with your friends and family. You can also use this app to browse other photos and bookmark your favorites. There’s even a slideshow mode so you can show off your 500px photos at family gatherings and get togethers.


Shutterfly for iPad (Free) – With the Shutterfly app you can upload, view, and share pictures right from your iPad. You can access all of your Shutterfly albums and pictures through the app, create full screen slide shows, and email favorite pictures and albums to your friends and family. You can even use the app to post photos to your personalized Shutterfly Share site for friends and family to see, and all it takes to use the app is a free account.


Shared Photo Stream – It’s also worth mentioning Apple’s own Shared Photo Stream, which allows you to share your iOS photos from your phone and your iPad with your selected friends and family. Photo Stream is easy to use – just turn it on and all of your photos will upload automatically. It keeps 1000 photos at all times, so those vacation photos are always right at your fingertips, wherever you are. To add people to a photo stream, you simply enter an email address. It’s quick and easy!

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