iLuv Intros Lightning Ready Accessories

At today’s Apple event in San Jose, we learned that most of Apple’s products will use the Lightning dock connector. The connector first debuted with the iPhone 5, but it is also in both the new fourth generation iPad and the iPad mini. The Lightning connector famously invalidated thousands of 30-pin iDevice accessories.

Manufacturers have been slow to come out with Lightning compatible accessories, but today, iLuv Creative Technology announced a brand new line of adapters and cables for Apple’s Lightning connector.

This is exciting news because there’s not much on the market at this point, aside from Apple’s own cables. iLuv’s lineup is designed to be easy to use, convenient, and most importantly, portable. You can use these cables at home, in the car, and at work.

Here’s what the company has released:

Premium Charge/Sync Cable – A standard Lightning charging and syncing cable. Compatible with most USB chargers for the iPod, iPhone, and iPad mini.

DualPin Combo – Dual-USB car charger with a charge/sync cable for the Lightning iDevices. Able to charge two devices at once and can be placed in various sockets with a swiveling head.

RockWall Combo – Dual-USB wall charger that is able to charge two devices at one time. Features swiveling base plug for flexible placement.

MobiSeal Combo – Micro-size USB car charger that can quickly charge Lightning devices. It fits most power socket locations.

MobiSeal Deluxe Combo – USB charging kit that includes a USB wall charger, a USB car charger, and a premium charge/sync cable.

USB Wall Charger – USB wall charger with charge/sync cable for all Lightning devices. Includes blue indicator light that lets you know when charging has completed.

All of these products are priced from $19.99 to $64.99 and will be available for purchase in January 2013.

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