Great iPad Apps to Share Music with Family and Friends

This week’s theme here at PadGadget is keeping in touch with friends and family. One way to stay connected is through music. For some of us, music is more important than eating. If you love telling your friends about music you love and bands you’ve recently discovered, we’ve got a list of apps that will help you keep in touch with them through your iPad.

Spotify (Free) This app is a great service for sharing music because it is deeply integrated with Facebook. In fact, if you don’t change your profile settings, you’ll be sharing your playlist with all of your Facebook friends. Sometimes, you want to listen to Lady Gaga without your punk rocker friends finding out, so make sure you check your sharing settings. Spotify is a music streaming service that lets you listen to millions of songs by thousands of artists on your iPad. If you log in using your Facebook credentials, you’ll be able to see what your friends are listening to, share playlists, and tell the social networking world what you think of the new Ben Harper album.

Music Friends (Free) One way to know for sure if your friends are really true is by talking music with them. Do they like to go record shopping? Do they own a record player? What kind of music do they listen to? What are their favorite bands? These questions can be answered with Music Friends. Automatically share your iPad’s music with friends and family through the app’s social networking site. Let your friends browse your recently played songs, playlists, and more. If you and your buddy both have “Act Naturally” by the Beatles on your iPads, you can play the song by automatically matching it from the other’s playlist.

Discovr Music – find new music ($1.99) This app is less about sharing and more about discovery. However, once you’ve discovered new music that you love, you can easily share with friends and family through Facebook and Twitter. The fascinating thing about this app is its visual discovery landscape. Related music appears like a brainstorming map on your iPad’s screen. Simply type in the name of an artist or band and a map will appear on the screen with that artist in the middle and similar music protruding from it. If you tap on one of the similar artists, a new web of music spider webs out for you to discover. You’ll be able to listen to clips of songs, watch music videos, read biographies, buy music and share what you have discovered with friends and family through Facebook and Twitter. (Free) This app is only available for the iPhone, but it is on my list because it is probably the best possible music-sharing app around for its live interaction. Also, I really want the devs to make an iPad optimized version, so the more people that ask for it the more chance we have of getting it. is a website where you can go to create or join a music-listening party. Once you’ve signed up, just look around for a listening room that interests you. Then, join the online party as the real-life deejay spins records from his personal music library. Different listening rooms have different rules, but you can start your own party if you feel the beat. You can deejay other rooms, or create your own theme to get others bumping. Get your friends into the party by inviting them through Facebook, or just email them a link to the website.

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