Apple Announces Revamped iBooks Author, Available Today

Apple’s iPad and Mac event this morning had an educational emphasis, and the company used the time to announce a brand new version of iBooks Author for teachers and publishers.

Apple’s educational iBooks, created with iBooks Author, are now used in more than 2,500 schools, and iBooks textbooks are available for 80 percent of the US high school curriculum.

The new and improved iBooks Author comes equipped with new templates, including portrait templates. Authors can now use their own fonts, and for the first time, mathematical expressions can be dropped right into books.

Multitouch widgets have been added and can be dropped into books for even more interactivity. Widgets are easily the most exciting part of this announcement, and will allow all kinds of fun activities within textbooks.

It’s also much easier to update books, because the process has been streamlined. If you use iBooks Author, you can get the newly updated version of the app today from the Mac App Store.

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