Apple: 100 Million iPads Sold Since 2010

At today’s event in San Jose, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that the company has sold a whopping 100 million iPads since the device first made its debut in April of 2010.

That’s an incredible number for a tablet that’s only been on the market for two years, and sales will only grow with the introduction of both the fourth generation iPad and the brand new iPad mini.

According to Apple’s keynote, the company sold more iPads in just the June quarter of 2012 than any one PC manufacturer sold of their entire lineup. If you needed any proof that the era of the PC is ending, here you go. We’re moving on to a touch-oriented digital world, and the PC is being left in the dust.

Apple also revealed that the iPad is responsible for more than 91 percent of tablet web traffic, another staggeringly impressive number. All that talk about an iPad competitor has never actually brought forth a true contender. The iPad’s most likely competition will now be the iPad mini.

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