iBooks 3 to be Released During iPad Mini Event?

iBooksThere have been some hints that the iPad mini event will have an educational theme, due to the mini’s small form factor and low price point, which makes it the perfect tablet for use in schools and a great choice for reading.

A live listing on iTunes, discovered by a French website, has all but confirmed the rumor with a direct reference to iBooks 3.0 as a requirement for some books.

That means Apple is likely planning to reveal an updated version of its popular iBooks application, which was last given a serious overhaul earlier this year with iBooks 2, bringing multitouch interactivity and textbooks to the iBookstore.

See Bottom of Screen Shot.

How did this happen? Developers are able to set parameters with their submissions, to include what’s required to operate the app. The text for those parameters is then generated by iTunes and is unalterable by the developer, which all but rules out a mistake.

What will the potential iBooks 3 bring? There’s no telling yet, but I’m sure Apple has some great surprises in store, which will be revealed on October 23 at the company’s San Jose event.

[via TNW]

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