Apple Tries to Seal US Patent Court Documents, Claims Trade Secrets

Apple was forced to disclose a lot of private information in its fight against Samsung in the U.S. over its patent infringement lawsuit. Not only did the secretive tech company have to produce evidence of early iPad design sketches, but financial details were also exposed to public scrutiny.

In an attempt to regain control over company secrets, Apple requested that certain documents be sealed, claiming the information should be considered “trade secrets.”

Residing judge Lucy Koh denied portions of Apples motion to seal the documents in question. The tech giant requested certain documents related to a declaration by an expert witness sealed, as well as a stay on the California court’s decision to disclose financial information.

The document in question is regarding a partial summary of damages calculations with product-specific unit sales and revenue information. Judge Koh originally denied the request to keep the Damage Motion sealed citing that, because Apple is seeking an additional $535 million in addition to the, already awarded, $1.05 billion, the documents need to be revealed.

“As Apple appears to have realized in introducing that exhibit, it cannot both use its financial data to seek multi-billion dollar damages and insist on keeping it secret,” Judge Koh wrote in her decision.

Koh also stated that Apple has yet to produce a reasonable argument that this information should be considered “trade secrets,” noting that the data does not meet the “compelling reasons” standard.

The Federal Circuit approved a temporary stay of Judge Koh’s denial until an appeal decision has been made.

Apple Insider has published the full transcripts of Apple’s request to seal financial information.

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