Top Five Newspaper iPad Apps

If you’re still getting your favorite newspaper delivered to your doorstep, it’s time to get with the program. Print is out, and digital is in. There are dozens of popular newspapers available on the iPad, filled with breaking news, popular stories, interviews, and plenty of multimedia content. And the best part? No ink on your fingers.

Ready to give up your traditional newspaper? Give these top 5 newspaper apps a try.

NYTimes for iPad (Free) – This app brings your favorite news from The New York Times right to your fingertips. It’s free to download, and you can read anything in the Top News section without shelling out a time. If you subscribe (for $20 per month) you can get access to more than 25 different sections of the paper, which includes access to exclusive digital-only videos and photos. With customization features, you can read just your favorite sections, and get breaking news alerts that will keep you up to date with the news even when the app is closed.

The Wall Street Journal (Free) – If The Wall Street Journal is your newspaper of choice, you’ll want to download the paper’s popular iPad app, which features the Journal’s award-winning coverage. It includes sections like What’s News, Opinions, Marketplace, Personal Journal, and more, plus digital exclusives like videos, slide shows, touch-enabled graphics, quotes, and panoramic photos. Content is updated every morning, and the app features a 7-day archive. You can get the latest news throughout the day each time you check the app with the “Now Edition,” and you can even save your favorite content to read offline.

USA Today for iPad (Free) – With the USA Today app you can read content from the News, Money, Sports, Life, Tech, and Travel sections of the paper, right on your tablet. You can enlarge article images, watch related videos, and share stories using email, Twitter, and Facebook. There are national weather maps so you can grab current weather information within the app, and the latest NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL sports scores will be right at your fingertips. The app includes sections on other popular iPad apps, tech reviews and interviews, and stock market information. The best part? You can play USA Today’s popular crossword puzzles right on your iPad.

CNN App for iPad (Free) – CNN isn’t a traditional paper, but it’s one of the most respected digital news sites out there. The app is a handy way to get all of your news in one easy to access spot because it features the latest headlines and original stories from all around the world. You can get up to the minute reporting and alerts for breaking news, plus live video. The app features international, political, opinion, tech, and entertainment sections, and there’s even access to your favorite CNN television shows. There are no subscription fees with the CNN app, making it a great choice for your daily news.

AP Mobile (Free) – AP Mobile is a news app with a simple, easy to use layout and plenty of content. It features the most comprehensive, accurate, and content-rich news delivery system that you’ll find for both global and local news. You can personalize this app to meet your needs, choosing stories from local newspapers and broadcasters and combining it with the top AP videos, photos, national, and international coverage. The Associated Press is delivers news that is used by thousands of newspapers and news providers world wide, so this is a fantastic way to get your news right from the source.

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