Great iPad Apps To Keep up With Music News

If you like following the latest music and finding out what is the most popular song of the day, then our list of top apps for music news will make you the talk of the town. Whether you’re in the market for rock and roll, looking for exclusive record store buys, or just want to catch up on the latest music videos, we have some of the best apps for tracking down the hits of today and tomorrow.

Music Videos (Free) Ever since MTV stopped being a music video channel, it has become harder to find out about the latest music video hits. With this app, you can check out the to 100 most popular music videos and eve watch them through YouTube. You can also view recently watched videos, buy songs through iTunes, and get weekly push notifications of current hits. You can also access previous weeks’ top 100 music videos to see what has been trending and what songs have made their way to the top spots. Not only will you get to keep on top of popular music, but you’ll be able to brag about seeing the music videos, too.

Rock top 100 (Free) If you are a fan of rock and roll, then you should check out this app to see the latest and greatest from around the world. This list is generated from each country’s top 100 iTunes list. Users can view the most popular songs and preview it from iTunes. Save you favorites so you can easily find them again in the future. Each band has a link to a user-created summary through You can also purchase songs through iTunes from within the app. Please note that you can only preview songs from within countries that have an iTunes music store.

RSD Guide (Free) Music collectors go nuts every year during Record Store Day.  An event that started in 2007 to celebrate brick-and-mortar music stores has since turned into a global phenomenon with some of the biggest names in music releasing exclusive records. This app keeps fans up to date with RSD news of which music stores are participating in each year’s celebration, as well as promotions, contests, and information on what new exclusive swag you’ll be able to get your hands on. The app also includes information on music deals that participating record stores will have for Black Friday.

MTV Music Meter (Free)Speaking of MTV, even though the music media corporation should probably take the ‘V’ out of MTV, the channel knows music. Find out about daily lists of the most popular musicians, bands and songs with this app. Users can find out about artists, listen to song clips, see photos, follow tweets, read news articles and more from over one million artists across the globe. You can also share your favorites through Facebook and Twitter and discover other artists that are similar to the top trends. Find out if your favorite band is coming to your town on tour, or read up on their bio through the apps’ summary page.

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