Third Parties Already Ready to Ship iPad Mini Accessories

Yesterday, we learned about an iPad mini display stand that purportedly came from Best Buy or Target, proving that accessory makers are already preparing for the unofficial launch of the smaller sized Apple tablet. Today, Apple Insider is reporting that third-party suppliers are ready for the iPad mini all over Asia.

Brian White with Topeka Capital Markets has been a busy beaver lately. He is making the rounds to various Asian technology plants. He recently told investors that, due to the difficulty in making the iPad mini, supplies will be low for the launch. A few days later, White told AllThingsD that the smaller tablet will have the same high-quality craftsmanship that its older brother does.

Today, he is reporting that third-party suppliers are packed and ready to ship iPad mini products.

According to Apple Insider, White met with more than 20 third-party accessory makers who showed him products they have developed for the iPad mini, including some accessories that have already been boxed, labeled and are ready for shipping.

One of the vendors had been using a “pilot” version of the iPad mini and described it as being comfortable to hold with one hand and able to fit in his sport coat pocket.

It is not uncommon for accessory makers to bet on rumors. Because the iPad is so popular, companies are willing to risk the expense in order to be the first on the market with their products. It doesn’t mean that Apple has told accessory makers what to expect. It just means they are making smart business moves.

We initially thought that Apple would be sending out invitations for an upcoming even by Oct. 10. Not surprisingly, the rumor was false (incidentally, writer Philip Elmer-DeWitt apologized for reporting incorrect information.) Today, we have new information that Apple will actually be holding the rumored iPad mini announcement event on Oct. 23. As was the case with Fortune’s information, these are just rumors and should always be read with a cautious eye.

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