Several Schools in Australia Decide to go the iPad Way

The Sydney Morning Herald recently reported on a private school in the area who are implementing a program that will require all students to own an iPad by 2013. St. Andrews Catholic School in central Sydney told parents this week that their children will be using an iPad for school next year.

Although the expense of an iPad is a heavy burden, carrying a backpack full of textbooks will no longer be. According to the SMH, several private schools in the area are switching to touch screens for text books because they are, “vastly superior learning tools” compared to the heavier laptops that were supplied by the Australian government under the $2.4 billion Digital Education Revolution.

St. Andrews’ headmaster, John Collier, said that valuable time will be saved when students no longer have to trek back and forth between locker and classroom. Students commented on the physical burden of carrying textbooks from class to class. “It’s like weights training,” said ninth grader Harry Sanderson.

A tablet program has already been implemented at nearby St. Catherine’s in Waverly. That private school requires the all-female student body from fifth to seventh, as well as tenth, grades to purchase a Samsung Series 7 Slate PC. The Slate is heavier and nearly three times as expensive as the iPad, but the program is doing very well at St. Catherine’s. “I’ve had kids sick at home joining my senior physics class, doing the assignments with the other students,” said Paul Carnemolla, head of information at the all-girls school. “They can see my screen and hear me talk and I can watch what’s happening on their screen.”

Although parents are concerned with the cost, especially when thinking about how their teens lose things so easily, Collier thinks the program will go over well. “This is the way kids communicate with the world,” he told SMH. “It would be folly to live in denial.”

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  • stefn

    Hange on there, educators. The new Touch spex may point to the Mini spex and features. The Touch is now a lean and mean and sleek machine. So Apple has created space for the Touch when the Mini arrives. Best guess for the Mini: Less screen resolution then the Touch, less camera resolution, no siri, no passbook. So the Mini will not be as bright, light, or fast. But it will be lighter, brighter, thinner, and faster than the Fire or Nook. And it will have a bigger screen and all those apps and will sell for $250US to schools.