Rockmelt for iPad – A New Way to Surf the Web

RockMeltLet’s face it, the Internet is a pretty big place and we are all pretty busy people. Fortunately, RockMelt has just released a customized browser that lets you “explore the best of the web” effortlessly.

Brought to life in large part by former Netscape bigwigs (Marc Andreessen, Netscape’s co-founder and Tim Howes a Netscape executive), Rockmelt works by lacing together content that they feel you might like to browse. It’s easy to view, easy to use and in your face the moment you open the app.

Originally released as a desktop app (with varied success, though the developers claim that those individuals who use it do so for hours a day), the interface is very graphical and completely ad-free (which is the real surprise).

Like all good apps these days, you can search through the content if you like (or extend your search to the web as a whole if you prefer), share interesting tid-bits using social media (or discover new content recommended by friends) or even grab your content for later off-line browsing (very handy for those of us without a data connection on our iPads, it can be time consuming, battery consuming and data consuming to always have to use the hotspot on our iPhones to grab an Internet connection for our iPads).

Eric Vishria, Rockmelt’s co-founder and chief executive describes the reason for building RockMelt:

“If you think about how we all use the Web today, it’s radically different from 10 years ago, but browsers are the same dumb window they were.”

Aiming to be “a browser for the social era,” RockMelt is entirely adaptive and learns over time what users are looking for in an effort to better deliver content.

The app can be used in guest-mode if you like , but I recommend logging in with Facebook or Twitter to personalize it and get the most out of using it.

You can pick up RockMelt from the App Store for free, so why-not give it a try?

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