Need For Speed Most Wanted Coming to iPhone and iPad Soon

Lately, there have been some great classic games added to the App Store. Crazy Taxi just hit the street today and now we are getting word that Electronic Arts is working with the Firemonkeys to bring Need For Speed: Most Wanted to an iPad near you.

According to the Need for Speed blog, Fire Monkeys are hard at work developing a mobile version of the driving game for Android and iOS. The game will “cherry-pick the best moments from Most Wanted and crowbar them onto everybody’s favorite touch and tilt devices.”

The images that have been posted to the game’s blog look amazing. It is hard to believe that graphics like these are possible on an iPad, but especially on an iPhone. When you were playing this game on your Game Cube, did you ever imagine the day when you’d be able to play it on the bus?

The Firemonkeys previously worked on the Real Racing series, Hot Pursuit, Mirror’s Edge, Dead Space, and more. This development team is no slacker when it comes to game creation.

The game will be linked to EA’s Origin, which is the company’s social networking site. You’ll be able to log in and share your scores with friends, check your rank and view your Speed Points.

Check out the video below to see a teaser trailer with a bit of the action. Pay attention to the reflections off of the cars. Wow.

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    Don’t tell me???? now my husband won’t ever leave his iPad its his favorite Game ever