iPad Mini Fever: Retailers Already Prepping for Launch, including Accessories

A new image was leaked today showing instructions for a standalone display designed to sell iPad mini accessories.  The manual apparently came from a box containing parts for the future displays.

It is unclear what store the box was shipped to, but the design in the illustration appears to be similar to in-store displays at large stores like Best Buy or Target.  According to the anonymous tipster, the instructions came from a box with a note attached telling employees not to look inside.  Supposedly these papers fell out of the box, revealing the contents of the package.

Although the name “iPad Mini” is listed on the instructions, it does not necessarily confirm that is the final name of the rumored tablet, just that it is the most well-known possible name.  When manufacturers were creating cases for the iPhone 5 they were unaware of the official name, and shipments were sent labeled only as for the “New iPhone.”

This leak comes just one day after a spreadsheet was leaked listing dozens of of iPad mini cases supposedly produced by Belkin, Kensington and Trust, indicating that many big manufacturers are already prepared for the new Apple tablets.

The iPad mini is reportedly already in production in China, and should be officially announced later this month.

[via AppleInsider]

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