New FileMaker App Bundle Brings Easier Business App Building for iOS Devices

If your business is looking for a way to create a custom iOS app, FileMaker may have just what you need. The business tech company recently announced the release of a product bundle that will let you save big on your first year of service through their Filemaker iOS Custom App Starter Bundle.

The business bundle includes software program FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced, which allows you to create professional apps customized to solve business tasks. The framework provides built-in iOS themes, stencils, starter solutions and the ability to incorporate a wide range of data views, searching, sorting and more.

With the bundle, you’ll be able to eailsy integrate your iPad and iPhone with existing business systems and workflows. Businesses can manage backups, log activities, monitor users and more, all while protecting information with role-based security for controlling data access.

By running your apps through FileMaker Go, you can deploy and update in real time without needing user-based connections. The program is designed for fast prototyping, app development and updating.

Businesses can purchase the entire bundle for only $399 for the first year through the FileMaker Annual Volume Licensing, a discount of more than $1,000 off the retail price of the bundle. The regular licencing price is normally $439.99 per year. This offer ends March 28, 2013.

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