Hide the Newsstand App on Your iPad With This Simple App

When Apple first announced that it would be offering a new way to discover news and magazines through an app called “NewsStand,” media geeks everywhere giggled with excitement over what would end up being little more than a waste of space. To make matters worse, Apple made it so that the NewsStand folder stays put on your device. It must tick off a lot of people because developer Filippo Bigarella created an app called StiffleStand that will allow users to hide NewsStand inside another folder.

Personally, I use the App Store’s magazine section all the time. I have about a dozen subscriptions that I read on a regular basis. However, I’ll be the first to admit that NewStand was a flop. There is no way to search for a specific magazine or browse new releases. Magazine categories are awkward at best. There are lots of digital magazines that aren’t approved for the NewsStand store, making the app all but useless. Some of your magazines go in NewsStand, some go directly to your iPad’s home screen.

Bigarella has created a useful application for PC and Mac that allows users to move NewsStand into another folder, essentially hiding it. The best part is that you don’t have to jailbreak your phone to use it. You do, however, have to download the application to a desktop or laptop and then connect your device to the computer.

To download the nifty program, visit Bigarella’s website from your desktop or laptop computer and click on the text link right below the StifleStand image. Move the unzipped file to your applications folder and open it. Then, connect your device (be sure to wait until after you’ve downloaded StifleStand to connect your device or it won’t work) to your computer and click on the “Hide Newsstand” button. In a matter of seconds, you’ll receive a message that reads, “Done!” and your NewsStand app will be in a new folder on your home screen titled, “Magic.”

I tried it on my Mac and iPhone 5 and it worked flawlessly. If you are NewsStand app hater, this handy little application will make your day. Check out the video below from JailbreakNation to see the app in action on an unbroken iPhone 5.

[Via: JailbreakNation]

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