Groupon Launches iPad-Based Point of Sale for Restaurants

Do you Groupon? Many people do. Some might even lay claim to having a Groupon addiction. The deal-a-day phenomenon has gotten so big that the company has come up with a new application to help restaurants provide faster Groupon connectivity through the iPad.

Groupon recently launched a new point-of-sale service called “Breadcrumb” in an effort to generate more interest from restaurants in their discount program. Breadcrumb is a “sales, order management and reporting system for restaurants, bars and cafes,” reported Reuters.

The reporting system only works on the iPad at the moment. Clients can pay $99 per month for service on one iPad or $199 per month for service on two iPads, with a discounted price for anything higher up to $399 per month for 10. Proprietors can buy the iPad directly through Groupon, or use their own.

Breadcrumb already existed as a point-of-sale service, but Groupon purchased the company in May. A test run of 100 iPads took place in New York, but the service is officially available nationwide as of today.

Breadcrumb will compete directly with the popular point-of-sale service Square Register. It is difficult to imagine that the former will be able to make an impression on businesses when the popular credit card service has already made a name for itself. Square users can access the service from an unlimited number of iPads and can also use iPhones. Square’s cost is based on a percentage of each sale instead of a monthly cost. Presumably, Breadcrumb offers more back-of-store services to make the cost reasonable.

Next time you visit a restaurant that had a Groupon sale, check to see if they are sporting any iPads in the house. There is a good chance that Breadcrumb will be behind the curtain.

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