Great Word Games for your iPad

There are a lot of fun word games in the App Store. Some of the most popular apps are in that genre. Practically everyone knows about Words With Friends, Scrabble and W.E.L.D.E.R. so we are going to talk about some of the less popular, but still fantastic games that are based on the art of language.

Word Jigsaw: The Jigsaw Puzzle for Word Game Lovers! (Free) Instead of playing a boring old word finder game, why not add a little spatial fun to the mix? Try making words out of jigsaw puzzle pieces. Players are given a certain number of tiles, or jigsaw pieces, that have letters on them. To complete the puzzle, make a word going across, but make the tiles fit together too. You don’t have to make words going vertically, but don’t think that makes the game any easier. There are six different boards. The first three are free, but the larger, more difficult boards can be unlocked for $1.99 through an in-app purchase.

Boggle for iPad ($0.99) This game is based on the classic word game from decades ago. To start a new game, shake your iPad to jumble the letters and the three-minute clock will start once the cubes have settle into their spot. Create as many words as possibly by connecting letters the way you would in a word finder puzzle game. Spell letters forward and backward, diagonally and at angles. Spell as many words as possible within the time limit. Longer words score higher. There are three different modes of gameplay plus a multiplayer mode that lets you compete against friends in pass-and-play style gaming or through a word duel.

Spell Tower ($1.99) This game mixes the random word creation of games like Boggle with grid like structure of word finder games. Throw in a little bit of match-three style tile removal and you’ve got yourself a game. You can only use the same word once in a game, but you can use letters in reverse to spell different words. For example, you could spell, “tab” and “bat.” You can also cross letters on the diagonal if they are right next to each other.  The entire board is covered with letters and your job is to remove them by making letters.

Moxie ($0.99) The object of the game is to form words by placing tiles in on the board. There are 53 tiles and four words to be created. Think of Solitaire with letters instead of cards. Each letter has a different point value and longer words score higher. You can reuse the same spot on the board to add new letters, like Jet, Bet, Net… etc. You can also add letters up to five for each word. There are also “Moxie” words offer higher point scores. You can play the game as long as there are unused letter tiles remaining in the pile.

WordZinga! ($0.99) In this word game, each puzzle includes specific letters in red that may not be changed or moved. Players enter letters to spell a word and hit the button to see if it is the word that is supposed to fit the puzzle. This word game is challenging and fun. There are more than 30,000 different puzzles to work with. Imagine trying to figure out which words end in aid or include a ‘cr’ in the middle. There are multiple ways to solve every word puzzle, but it can be pretty hard to think of the right ones at the right time. This game will really make you think about the words around you.

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