More Alleged iPad Mini Photos Leaked

Tomorrow may, or may not, be a big day in the tech world. Rumor has it that Apple will be sending out invitations to an event that may, or may not, reveal that the iPad mini is real. In the mean time, analysts are making predictions, suppliers are talking about parts orders, and the Internet is a buzz with leaked images. Today’s leak comes from a Twitter post by 9to5Mac’s Sonny Dickson.

The images show a very close up shot of various angles of the backside of the supposed iPad mini. It is shown in comparison to the iPhone 5, which has the Lightning connector dock and two centered speakers. It shows the smaller tablet in comparison to a 9.75-inch iPad tablet, which clearly shows the size difference, as well as the slightly steeper slope of the backside’s curve and a back-facing camera.

The problem with Sonny Dickson’s images is that we only see the backside. It is popular knowledge that you can buy an iPad mini mockup in China for about $15. It is more likely that Dickson is showing off a fake that he got off the Internet and not a real iPad. One telltale sign is the fact that we never see the device’s front side, nor do we see it turned on.

There is less of a chance that some guy working at a website managed to get a hold of a real iPad mini before anyone else, and even before Apple has announced its existence.

To his defense, Dickson never states that his images are of a real iPad mini. Based on many of his tweets, it seems like Dickson just wants to reach 5,000 followers and, instead of promising money to a charity or some other worthy cause if he reaches his goal, he is just generating a lot of traffic his way by posting images and never clarifying that they are not the real deal.

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