Making a Comic on Your iPad

The iPad is a versatile tool for creativity. It can be used to make and record music, turn snapshots into gallery-quality photos, and help artists paint a digital masterpiece. Did you know that the iPad can also be used to create your own comic book? If you are an independent comic book artist looking for a few good apps, check out our list below for making comics on the iPad.

ArtStudio for iPad ($4.99) – The first thing you will need to create your comic is a drawing app. This full-featured application lets you create sketches, paintings, photographs and more from 15 different art tools, including wet and dry paintbrushes, spray applications, pencils, pens, smudges, and more. There are 450 brushes in all. It features a fully customizable stroke setting for blur, flip, size, and opacity. You can add, duplicate, merge, delete, scale and distort various layers and add 15 different filter effects to your artwork. Once your work is completed, you can export the finished piece as a JPG, PGN, or PSD to your iPad’s camera roll, email, or iTunes.

My Sketch ($1.99) – Maybe you don’t consider yourself to be particularly good at drawing or painting, but you do know how to tell a good comic story. You can really get creative with this photo effects app. Turn any of your pictures into sketches with ease. Pose your action figures in action shots, take a picture with your iPad, and then turn it into a full-colored illustration with My Sketch. Choose from 20 different effects for a wide range of options. Fine-tune the details with brightness and contrast adjustments. Save your images and post them to Facebook, Flickr and more. You can also print and ship a postcard image of your sketch from within the app with just a few simple steps.

Strip Designer ($2.99) – Once you’ve taken care of your artwork, you’ll need to put it all into a template that looks like a traditional comic book. This app lets you create your own comic strip using images from your camera roll. You can paint, draw on, and add text balloons to each image. Add action balloons like “Bomf” and “Pow!” for a real comic book feel. There are more than 100 different strip templates that can be adjusted between one and nine panels per page. One aspect of comic creation that doesn’t get talked about much is lettering. The way words look in a comic book can directly affect how you feel when reading it. The best part about this app is that you can add your own font. You can either use native iOS fonts, or download them from the Internet. 

Comic Book! ($1.99) – This app for creating comic strips is good for its versatility. You can import images from your photo library and add effects to make it more comic book-y. There are 10 different comic book filters, 30 different page layout options, action balloons like “Awesome!” and “Wow!” and seven unique comic fonts that are actually used in the industry. Choose from a variety of border styles, customizable font sizes, balloon styles, and half-tone options. Export your pages as PDFs or save as an image to your camera roll. This app is great for people who don’t really know what they want the design of their comic to be. There are so many pre-made options for you to choose from.

Book Creator for iPad ($4.99)After you have drawn your artwork and designed your panels, it is time to turn your creation into a comic book. This app lets you import images from your photo library or add them from a website. You can resize, rotate, and move them. If you want to add some extras to your digital comic, you can include audio and video, too. The app creates books as ePub files, which iBooks uses. You can export your comic through email, Dropbox, or iTunes file sharing, or you can print your book out directly using AirPrint. You can also export the entire book as a PDF that can be read with a number of different PDF reading apps.

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