Did Apple Make a Last Minute Design Change for iPad Mini?

If you are an accessory manufacturer there is a real game to be had: guessing at the specifications for a new Apple device with the hope that you can be one of the first to market and sell crazy amounts of product because there is very little competition. The risk of course is that Apple really doesn’t cooperate by communicating dimensions (or even confirming the device is actually and truly coming to market in most instances) –so sometimes production has to stop and make adjustments when new rumors or details are released.

It was only a few hours ago that we saw updated pictures of what the iPad Mini is expected to look like, adding fuel to the fire of concern which has a “large OEM mobile accessory maker” scrambling.

The latest rumor says that Apple has dropped the “rounded design” of the new iPad Mini, but that is a very vague description for a very vague rumor regarding what the casing of the new device could look like.

If we are gathering bets, my best guess says that Apple will keep design cues from an existing device in their line-up: meaning it will either look like a shrunken third generation iPad or a blown up iPod Touch. Not to mention that I would be shocked if Apple is making design changes this late in the game if the invitations for the iPad Mini launch event are really being delivered tomorrow (if not, the joke may be on the accessory manufacturers, though it wouldn’t be the first time they lost a wager with Apple in this manner). In fact, odds are great that iPad Mini tablets are making their way to central shipping locations near you right now if they are indeed being launched in time for the holiday season.

[via MacRumors]

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  • araczynski

    if i had to wager, i’d say they’re going to make it look as similar to the ipad3 as possible. they wouldn’t want to equate it with their “intentionally designed to be inferior” (to the iphone) ipod.