Company Hacks Apple’s Lightning Connector to Produce Cheaper Knockoff Cables

Today a Chinese company introduced the first-ever fully functional cloned Lightning cable, proving that it is possible to knock off Apple’s new connector.  It even goes a step beyond Apple by adding a funky glowing feature and providing a dock.

The Flash Lightning Dock is capable of charging and syncing an iPhone 5 or new iPod to a Mac or Windows PC, just like Apple’s cable, and it can be used either independently or with the dock.  When docked, the iPhone is displayed at an 8-degree angle, perfect for video chatting.

The cable will light up with animated electric blue lights when your device is charging or syncing.  The lights also apparently change speed based on the battery level of your iPhone 5, moving more quickly when your battery charge is lower and stopping motion and completely turning off when fully charged.

Many Chinese manufacturers have been trying to clone the connector, and this is the first one to be released.  However, Apple will likely be doing all they can to stop them in order to get an MFI licensing fee in exchange for the technology required to duplicate the authentication chip.  In fact, iPhone5mod’s page with the Flash Lightning Dock is currently unavailable, which could be due to heavy demand, but could possibly mean  that Apple has already retaliated against the site.

If and when their site is up again, the Flash Lightning Dock set is selling for $39.90.  The dock and cable will also be sold separately at $19.90 each.  As Apple is apparently does not have plans to release a docking station with the Lightning adapter, this might be the perfect solution for those that still want to be able to dock their phones upright instead of just using a cable to charge.

(via M.I.C. gadget)

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  • araczynski

    as much as i can hate the commie crooks, i like it when they flip apple (and their plans to monopolize/overcharge for everything) the bird.

  • Machistmo

    Can you post pictures of the wooden dock for the Iphone5?