Blend in While You Stand Out with StacheBook for iPad — A Kickstarter Project

Despite our love of all things digital we at PadGadget are still fans of old-school books. You know, the ones with paper pages. Even if you do nearly all your reading on an iPad, there are still ways to celebrate the printed page. For example, how about ordering an iPad case made out of a book? The founders of StacheBook hope iPad bibliophiles everywhere will pledge to help them create lovely, bespoke cases for iPad.

StacheBook hopes its user will blend in as he stands out. Not only will the StacheBook help make an iPad look less like an iPad, discouraging theft, but it gives the user a chance to express his sense of style.

While the creators are starting out manufacturing StacheBooks in black or white leather and tweed they hope to expand to include other sturdy fabrics such as snakeskin, herringbone, corduroy, houndstooth, ostrich, suede, sailcloth, and denim. Yes, please.

Giving an age-old art a modern twist, StacheBook uses a Chicago-based bookbindery to create the cases, which will employ a cradle made from hollowed and bonded sheets. The case includes a ribbon bookmark to make it easy to remove the iPad.

The specs — 11.25″ H x 8.75″ W x 0.75″ D — will accommodate the iPad 2 as well as the new iPad.

StacheBook bears a passing resemblance to the DodoCase or Re-Authored‘s products, but there should be enough room in the book-as-iPad case market to support more than one accessory purveyor.

Backers can still get in on the $50 early bird special to receive either a Kickstarter edition StacheBook in black or white. Be prepared to pledge $90 to receive the swanky tweed StacheBook, however.

Want to give a StacheBook for the holiday season? Fear not. If funded, StacheBook’s founders plan to ship out all rewards before the holiday gift-giving season.

To make StacheBook a reality, interested backers must pledge before the funding period ends on Saturday November 3, 2012.

About Emily: Emily is a freelance writer who loves discovering new apps whenever she can pry the iPad away from her children or husband. You can contact her via Twitter: @whatwentwrite

  • araczynski

    definitely a neat idea.

  • Tablet Cases

    First thought was, not another book-style case! But we gotta give these guys credit for incorporating some new and different materials.